Authorized 1,040,000,000
Issued 520,662,815
Paid Up 520,662,815

Share Distribution
Owners (A Class) 52.74%
General (B Class) 47.26%

Stock Update
Date : 2016-01-03
Max 186.00 
Min 191.00 
Close 191.00

Board of Directors

The Financial Institution is governed by the Board of Directors comprising prominent personalities such as former bankers, high level officials, contractors, professionals and pioneer entrepreneurs of the country as illustrated below:


Mr. Sanjoj Man Shrestha
Mr. Rajoj Man Shrestha
Mr.Biswo Ram Kawan   Mr. Bishnu Prasad Kisi
Director   Director
Mr.Kishor Hakuduwal   Mrs. Chandika Shrestha
Promotor   Promotor
Mr. Dashrath Risal
Public Sharehoder