Authorized 1,040,000,000
Issued 520,662,815
Paid Up 520,662,815

Share Distribution
Owners (A Class) 52.74%
General (B Class) 47.26%

Stock Update
Date : 2016-01-03
Max 186.00 
Min 191.00 
Close 191.00


Are you need of Home Loan for :
- Construction of building on land already owned.
- Purchase of ready built house.
- Purchase of Flats/Apartments under construction.
- Purchase of Flats/Apartments already completed.
- Renovation and extension of the existing building.

Apply for Housing Loan if you belong to this category.

- Salaried Individual.
- Self – Employed Individual.
- Professionals.
- Businessmen.
- Other-individuals having regular and stable source of income.

Loan Limit:

- Loan amount maximum: 70% of the cost of the property (including the cost of the land).
- Maximum amount available as per requirement.


Applicable for all applicants.
- Recent photograph of applicant's and joint applicant with signature on the back.
- Copy of citizenship/passport.
- Copy of appropriate drawings of proposed construction/purchase.
- In case the project has already commenced, a few photographs of the unit under    construction.
- Agreement for sale/ sale deed/detailed cost estimate from architect/engineer for the    property to be purchased/constructed.
- Allotment letter of the Municipality/VDC.
- If an individual is in his present employment/business or profession for less than a year,    details of his occupation for previous five years, giving position held reasons for change    to be submitted.

[+] Incase of Employed

[+] Incase of self-employed

[+] Interest Rate:

[+] Loan Period:

[+] Service Charge:

[+] Repayment:

[+] Security:

[+] Insurance: