Authorized 1,040,000,000
Issued 520,662,815
Paid Up 520,662,815

Share Distribution
Owners (A Class) 52.74%
General (B Class) 47.26%

Stock Update
Date : 2016-01-03
Max 186.00 
Min 191.00 
Close 191.00

Central Mahila Bachat

• Minimum Balance required to open account Rs. 200/-
• Interest Rate @6.00% on Daily Balance.
• Accrued interest posted to account on quarter end.
• Free ABBS Facility from any Branch.
• Free Debit Card Facility, affiliated with SCT.
• SMS Banking Facility.


Tax is deducted at source from the interest on saving deposit as per the Income Tax Act.


The copy of the following certified documents has to be submitted while requesting for opening of Account.

• Identification Card in the form of Citizenship Certificate/Passport/Other ID/PAN Card.
• Photograph of Account holder and nominees.

Nominees form:

• Photograph of the nominee
• Signature of the nominee