Authorized 1,040,000,000
Issued 520,662,815
Paid Up 520,662,815

Share Distribution
Owners (A Class) 52.74%
General (B Class) 47.26%

Stock Update
Date : 2016-01-03
Max 186.00 
Min 191.00 
Close 191.00



To meet the day to day operations mainly for stocks, book debts and overheads expenses of the clients/companies, a short-term loan is financed in the form of working capital loan.
Type of Assistance: Working Capital loan is extended for 1 year and subject to renewal each year on the same or altered terms as may be agreed upon by the banks and the borrowers mutually.


- Financially sound companies.
- Should have been in operation.

Promoters' Contribution:

Minimum 30%.

Debt Equity Ratio:

Maximum up to 70:30.

Interest Rate:

(Per Annum)

Types of Loan Prime Others
Industry 18% 18.50%
Others 18.50% 19%
Consortium Financing As per consortium decision

- Based on minimum short term lending rate fixed from time to time.
- Actual rate within the prevailing rate band depends upon creditworthiness of borrower    and risk perception.
- Interest is payable quarterly.

[+] Service Charge:

[+] Security:

[+] Repayment:

[+] Documentation: